MESICON OMI - The easy way

                        to control your calorimetric measurement

MESICON OMI (Online Measurement and Imaging) is a program especially written for the acquisition of data from heat flow calorimeter with Computer data Acquisition Modules. It is designed in consideration to the special demands of calorimetric measurements. The program is offering all required features you need and is allowing very easy handling.


The MESICON OMI controls your Module, records, displays and savesthe data of 3 channels corresponding to the three calorimeter cells.


Displaying data

In the Measurement Setup Menu you can choose between displaying the data as voltage or alredy calculated as heat flow usins the calibration contants an the sample weights.

The current number of channel together with the measured data value are displayed. The measured values for the three channels are displayed as curves in a graphical interface. Zoom option is available from 0 to 1000 h and from -4 to 300 mV or from -40 to 3000 mW/g by using left mouse button or a zoom menu. With a Display Options Menu all curves or selected curves can displayed.

Additional it is possible to display the last 5 data values of each channel in grid chart.

Storing data

Recorded data sets of each channl are saved in separated files. File names can set in the Measurement Setup Menu. Saved data have ASCII format (“time, value”) in real time mode. Data are saved on hard disk immediately after measuring of the three channels ( no data values in case of operating system failure). In the Measurement Setup Menu you can choose between the data saved as voltage or as heat flow per weight.For the last option values are multiplied by calibration constant and divided by sample weight. The sample weights have to be set in Mesurement Setup Menu.


With the MESICON OMI it is very easy to calibrate the calorimeter cells. in the Calibrations Setup Menu the channel you want to calibrate and values of base level, current and calibration resistance are requested.
The calibration program takes the maximum voltage, calculates and saves the calibration constant for the following measurements. Input of maximum voltage by keyboard is also possible. Any value for the calibration constant can be set. The MESICON OMI will then use this constant for calculating the heatflow from voltage data.

Measurement interrupt

By using MESICON OMI your measurement data are not lost after an interrupt of powr supply. Put MESICON OMI in the Autostart of your computer and the measurement will be continued automaticlly after power returns. Real time mode enables display of measurements interruption time.








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